Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Review: “George Washington Carver” By: Tonya Bolden

I received an autographed copy of “George Washington Carver” By: Tonya Bolden as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Although this book is deemed a “children’s book,” I thoroughly enjoyed absorbing the knowledge that was presented within its pages.

In the pages of “George Washington Carver,” author Tonya Bolden tells a comprehensive story of the life and accomplishments of the pioneering agricultural genius George Carver. Despite the format of the book being constructed for an audience of child readers, the language and vocabulary used in the short tome is not “dumbed-down.” The book is also emboldened with historic photographs and illustrations.

“George Washington Carver” provides a broader view of a man who is myopically known for his work with peanuts. Although George Carver created hundreds of inventions from the peanut, he also performed ground breaking work with experimentations of other foods- including the sweet potato, soybean, and persimmon.

The genius of George Carver wasn’t just confined to horticulture and botany. The prolific inventor was also a painter, a musician, and a professor.

Reading “George Washington Carver,” increased my knowledge about the achievements of this great man. There is something to be gained by book-lovers of all ages from reading this book.

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