Friday, May 21, 2010

Cops Gone Wild Part 35: The R.I.P. Aiyana Jones Edition

A beautiful 7-year old girl, Aiyana Jones (pictured above), was recently killed when police in Detroit invaded her home under the guise of executing a police raid. Aiyana Jones was peacefully sleeping on a couch in her home when she was fatally shot in the neck by a police officer who was reportedly raiding the house in order to "target a homicide suspect." However, the police seemingly targeted the home of an innocent family.

CBS News is also reporting that at time of the raid, "neighbors told [the] police [that] there were children in the house, and showed them toys in the front yard." However, the police allegedly proceeded to throw a flash grenade through the window of the home despite the warnings.

Shockingly, the whole tragic befuddling ordeal was reportedly caught on tape by a television crew that was following the police in order to film the raid for a crime show.

How will the world respond to this senseless act of police terrorism, and the stealing of an innocent life?

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