Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cops Gone Wild Part 36: The Murder An Innocent Father In A Hail of 50 Bullets and Then Sue His Estate Edition

A police officer who was involved in the 2006 murder of Sean Bell, is now suing his estate for injuries he claims was inflicted upon him in the despicable event that lead to the death of Sean Bell.

According to “Find Law,” New York City police officer Michael Carey, claims that he “suffered a serious leg injury” due to Sean Bell crashing his car into his leg. Find Law also states that: “The Carey suit was reported to have been filed in response to the wrongful death suit filed by Bell’s fiancee, Nicole Paultre Bell.”

The police officers who participated in the unjustified slaying of Sean Bell are still on the police force. In 2008, they were acquitted of criminal charges for their involvement of taking the life of this innocent father on his wedding night. Federal prosecutors are also reported as saying that they have, “insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges.”

[SIDEBAR: A without justice is a world that is doomed.]

Special Thanks to Verse*All for bringing this developing news to my attention.

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