Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Excerpt Of The Week: Part 1- “Conspiracies Cover-ups and Crimes” By: Jonathan Vankin

“One theory of Jonestown is that it was part of a “black genocide operation,” intended to be one of many such programs to entrap, enslave, and eventually kill off black people.

In the game of American power, blacks are consistent losers. Many of those blacks political leaders with the most potential to alter that situation have been cut down. No conspiracy theories required: Effective black politics has been decapitated by violence.

Malcolm X was assassinated just as he was beginning to moderate his views on separatism, just as he was coming in from the political fringe. Martin Luther King Jr., who never ran for office, was capable of changing the American system, and he did. He bridged society’s gaps. When he was assassinated, he was beginning to preach about economic democracy that would unify the underprivileged of all races.

Civil rights leader Medgar Evers was also assassinated. Kings’s mother was shot to death just days after King’s widow stated that she believed a conspiracy killed her husband.

Huey Newton founded the Black Panther Party. Their violent public image to the contrary, the Black Panthers’ most important achievements were in promoting community self-determination. Their free breakfast program for black schoolchildren was a model, and they started a private school that offered the quality education unavailable to inner city blacks in public schools. Newton was shot in an altercation with police and jailed for allegedly killing a police officer (long since passe, Newton was murdered on an Oakland street in 1989). Another Panther leader, Fred Hampton of Chicago, was gunned down by a gang of police who burst into his apartment at four in the morning.

The most recent death of an effective black leader came in August 1989. Mickey Leland, the Texas congressman who was the leading congressional advocate of African hunger relief, was killed on a mission to a mission to an Ethiopian refugee camp. The small plane carrying Leland and fifteen others- and which had been scheduled to have on board another outspoken black congressman, Ron Dellums- apparently crashed into the side of a mountain near Addis Ababa. The search for Leland in Marxist-ruled Ethiopia was the largest of its kind ever conducted. The intelligence community was openly involved, sending U-2 spy planes to survey the country.

A couple of the killings on the preceding list were obvious conspiracies. Others are more doubtful. The question is, if any were conspiracies, why?” -From, “Conspiracies Cover-ups and Crimes” By: Jonathan Vankin

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