Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Strip Search You Can Keep Your Clothes On For

A new type of invasive camera is being installed in public places around the world. The ThruVision T5000 camera, which can see through clothing and walls, is now being touted by security experts as a new way to thwart terrorist attacks.

The T5000, which is already in use in the London financial district and several airports around the world, has sparked many privacy debates. Discussions concerning whether various "terroristic threats" are real or imagined are also brewing.

Citizens' rights to privacy are rapidly being forfeited around the globe in the name of "public safety." This seems to be placing us on a road to the unveiling of the contents of Pandora's box. Who is to say if these new standards of "public spying" are justified? Also, how much power does the average citizen have to say where the lines of surveillance should be drawn. The Patriot Act, legally erased the lines that law enforcement used to be required to color within.

According to, surveillance expert David Wood has weighed in on the quickly loosening standards of the publics' rights to privacy. The Director of the Surveillance Studies Network, stated: "What we should consider is how much we want to lose aspects of our privacy in order to attain a sort of national security...In most cases this isn't real security- it's a sense of safety that has very little real effect."

I am interested in hearing how our current presidential candidates feel about this issue.

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