Monday, April 7, 2008

What's Next, An Oxygen Tax For Breathing?

New York City is in the throes of implementing an European-like congestion tax. New York is looking to charge commuters who drive into the city during peak hours- $14. According to, this is the same price as the congestion tax in London. Using London as a frame of reference, the Queens Chamber of Commerce, released a report stating that NYC's economy would be severely injured if they decided to implement the congestion tax.

According to The Queens Chamber of Commerce, a congestion tax would result in 28% of New York's drivers being deterred from coming into the city. The commerce group is predicting that this would result in an annual reduced spending of $1.89 billion. When the lost of jobs, and other economic spending is factored in, New York's economic loss could reach up to $2.7 Billion.

The question that I ask is: Why do New York City's officials seem so insistent on making NYC too expensive for working class citizens to have a residency there? After all, they are planning to implement a tax that has proven to be a money loser for other localities. Between the sharp increases in housing costs, costs for basic living, and taxes; many middle class and working class citizens are being economically pressured to move out of New York.

In my opinion, the congestion tax seems to be another case of New York's strategy to destroy and rebuild. This seems to be a tactic to make New York into the living quarters, and playground for the wealthy. What do you think?

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