Thursday, February 11, 2010

Riddle Me This: The Name Game Edition

I came across a book excerpt (included below), that states that the "Wheel of Fortune" was once the name of a slave ship. I wonder if the creators of the long-running game show of the same name are aware of this. The book excerpt is as follows:

"Needing funds for his business, Nicholas Brown fitted out the first Guineaman- a name given to mean a slave ship trading with Africa- the 'Mary,' for the slave trade. In 1736 his son Obadiah Brown signed on as the supercargo, or head trader, on what would become Providence's first venture into the slave-trading business. Obadiah soon came into his own and fitted out another ship, the 'Wheel of Fortune,' to join in the trade. The young man then bought the entire family into the business and developed a colony-wide reputation." -From, "Secret Societies of America's Elite" By: Steven Sora

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