Thursday, February 14, 2008

The First Annual Free Black History Mixtape- 2008 Edition


I created this mixtape with the blatant purpose of infusing some Black History back into our consciousness. With so much focus being placed on hip hop culture, I feel like a lot of Black History is being forgotten.

Hip Hop culture has evolved into being an assemblage of a lot of cultures joined as one. I think that this is great. However, in the midst of this coagulation, I don't think that Black History should be lost. Therefore, in celebration of the community from which I hail, I created the Annual Free Black History Mixtape. This is the first installment- the 2008 Edition.

The track listing is as follows:

1) The Greatest- Muhammad Ali
2) Can’t Go To Sleep- Wu Tang
3) I’m Black- Tupac Interlude
4) I’m Black- Styles P
5) Cause I’m Black- Styles P & Black Thought
6) Ida B Wells Lynching Interlude
7) Strange Fruit- Billie Holiday
8) Inner City Blues- Marvin Gaye
9) Cocoa Butter For The Soul- Elsie Law
10) Confidence- Tupac Interlude
11) Black & Proud- James Brown
12) Paul Robeson Interlude
13) Ah Yeah- Krs One
14) Black Cop- Krs One
15) Born In Jail- Malcolm X
16) Pardon The Noise- Shyheim
17) Learn To Think- Dick Gregory
18) Young, Gifted and Black- Donny Hathaway
19) Smile- Tupac & Scarface
20) Change- Malcolm X
21) Changes- Tupac
22) Jah World- Wu Tang
23) Shirley Chisholm Interlude
24) What’s Going On- Marvin Gaye
25) Someday We’ll All Be Free- Donny
Hathaway 26) Elsie Law Legal Eagles Outro
27) Get Off My Wings- Elsie Law

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