Monday, February 25, 2008

Is It America vs. China In A Tug Of War For Africa's Oil?

Throughout history, natural-resource rich Africa has been pillaged for her goods. The most recent international discussion concerning Africa's oil resources, involves the intentions of two nations who are often considered to be rivals- America and China.

When it comes to the mad dash grab for African oil, the question has arisen whether or not it is a venture in which the U.S. and China are "partners or rivals." If they are in fact partners, then the question emerges of whether or not Africa will be able to survive the tag team efforts of two of the wealthiest, militaristic nations on the globe to obtain their "liquid gold."

The BBC website recently reported U.S. President George Bush's take on the Africa, China, U.S. oil triumvirate. On what is noted to likely be President Bush's last tour of Africa during his final term in office, he addressed the African oil situation during a news conference. According to the BBC website, George Bush stated that: "He believed there was room for both countries to invest in Africa 'without creating a great sense of competition.' "

The aftermath of the effects of this "investment" on the African social climate remains to be seen. However with the current state of war in the Sudan, we can begin to draw the parallels. Stay tuned for more...

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