Thursday, February 14, 2008


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Welcome to the Legal Eagles Community Newsletter Blog. The purpose of this blog is to inform and inspire. Substantial change can, and often does, begin with one person. With consistent persistence, the ripple effect of one person's positive momentum inevitably turns into a tidal wave that washes over large populations.

I hope that this blog will be a catalyst for visitors' inner growth. I then hope that this inner growth will have a propitious transformational effect on humanity. For this is so desperately needed in our current times.

A lot of my entries will be posted with the intention of provoking thought. This is very important because clear thoughts, create clear and deliberate actions.

Whether this blog encourages you to volunteer to visit abandoned babies for an hour per week; or, to get laws that are detrimental to our community changed, I aspire to plant healthy seeds that will bear beautiful and nourishing fruit.

Please, take from this blog what you will. However, please always take with you a true thought that anything can be accomplished, and all "obstacles" can be overcome.

Lots of Love,

Elsie Law

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