Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Review: "Developing Positive Self-Images & Discipline In Black Children" By: Jawanza Kunjufu

Self-esteem and discipline is the cornerstone of building anything positive and worthwhile. A lack of self-worth equals a lack of motivation. A lack of self-discipline equals a lack of accomplishment and order. In order to oppress a people, you must break down their ability to discipline themselves and promote a belief to them that they are not valuable.

The mass media, the “judicial” system, and the “educational” system have very effective ways of chipping away at people’s sense of worth and positive ambitions. Once people lack values and a proper sense of order, they are very easily controlled and manipulated. This devaluing of people and their sense of self-motivation can be observed in the masses of people generally. However, it specifically has deeply and directly effected people who were literally used as “chattel” during chattel slavery.

In his book, "Developing Positive Self-Images & Discipline In Black Children," Jawanza Kunjufu explains the necessity of fostering positive self-esteem and self-directive traits in children. He instructs on various methods that can be implemented to bolster a positive development of a child’s self worth. He emphasizes that adult’s and educator’s high expectations of children will be met if they are expressed properly and consistently.

Mr. Kunjufu admonishes that our children need praise and attention, and monitored contact with the mass media (which often emits imagery that will damage a child’s self worth). Jawanza Kunjufu also advocates for am improved school curriculum, and potently states that our focus should be to “advocate, supplement, and build our own independent institutions.”

"Developing Positive Self-Images & Discipline In Black Children" should be analyzed, implemented, and expanded upon. Our children are worthy of the brightest futures conceivable.

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