Monday, May 12, 2008

7 Days Of Malcolm X: Day 1, Part 1

In honor of Malcolm X, I will be posting nothing but Malcolm X posts for the week leading up to his birthday. Regular news postings will resume next week, on May 19th. New features (in terms of blog topics), will also be unveiled on that day.

SIDEBAR: In addition to celebrating the birth of one of the greatest human beings to ever walk the earth, this is also buying me some time to finish a VERY IMPORTANT PROJECT that I am working on (Yes, this project involves you; and yes, I will be revealing the details soon). Therefore, I'm saving a little time from researching and writing blog articles, so I can apply some hours to this necessary upcoming project. This strategy is a win-win because Malcolm's words are still extremely relevant (<- proof that the truth never dies), and they still need to be listened to and studied. I am honored to be able to spread his ideas. Thanks for checking in and enjoy these pertinent messages.

Lots of love always.


Elsie Law The Rap Starlet AKA Starface

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