Friday, May 2, 2008

In The World In Which We Live, Hip Hop Died Before Racism Did

I'm saddened to report that racism is alive and sickeningly healthy. In the wake of the unjust- but not surprising- Sean Bell verdict, news outlets around the world have been reporting on the community's reaction.

I have been reading a lot of the online articles, and accompanying comments, regarding the Sean Bell travesty. My exploration of the comments sections of some of the New York based news websites has left me disappointed. I am disappointed by the insensitivity and callousness of the biting and cruel online remarks.

I would like to think that statements that label civic-minded protesters as: "nonproductive deadbeats...welfare recipients...thugs...and unemployed Black men and women with 10 different children all by different mothers and fathers," represent the mindset of an ignorant few. However, the comments sections of the New York Daily News website has been flooded with such taunts and defamation of character-like declarations.

Despite the overwhelming negative online postings, I still reserve a modicum of hope that society is not so far gone that people of any race or culture can not empathize with an unjust and unnecessary lost of life.

To My People: May we continue to live with strength & love in our hearts. May we also PROACTIVELY continue to change this world for the better. Lots of love to everybody. R.I.P. to Sean Bell and all of the others who lost their lives as victims to this racist society.

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