Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Counter Girl At McDonald's Who Spilled One Too Many Sodas Is Disciplined Harder Than This...

The 3 police officers who are responsible for the 50-shot slaying of New York native Sean Bell are currently active NYPD officers on "modified duty." Yesterday, The Daily News reported that Officers Cooper, Isnora, and Oliver were hit with disciplinary charges from their employer. The NYPD officers were each "accused of firing their weapons outside of NYPD departmental guidelines (charges that could result in their being fired)."

These insubordination-like charges were filed approximately a year and a half after the incident that provoked them occurred. This brings a new meaning to the term "the slow wheels of justice" (if you can call departmental disciplinary charges "justice," when there is an unjust and inexplicable lost of life). [SIDEBAR #1: The NYPD brought these administration charges at this particular time because the statue of limitations for them to do so is about to run out in a few days. Most likely, filing these charges may protect the city and the department in any future lawsuits. In a court of law, such paperwork makes them look less guilty of standing idly by. SMH @ all the reluctant, fake olive branches full of thorns.]

[SIDEBAR Part Deux: The unemployment line and more than a few prisons are cluttered with people who have done a lot less! This is not just about "punishment" for the officers involved. New departmental guidelines and training should also be implemented. There are no deterrents in place to prevent this type of situation from consistently occurring.]

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