Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anecdote Of The Week

"According to legend, one day a man was wandering in the desert when he met Fear and Plague. They said they were on their way to a large city where they were going to kill 10,000 people. The man asked Plague if he was going to do all the work. Plague smiled and said, 'No, I'll only take care of a few hundred. I'll let my friend Fear do the rest.'" -Anonymous

[SIDEBAR: I thought that this would be a befitting anecdote of the week, with all of the swine flu stories floating around. SIDEBAR WITHIN A SIDEBAR: I'm going post my own analysis on the whole swine flu situation soon. I see parallels between the swine flu and the "AIDS epidemic." I also see it as a possible test run in the vein of the gas shortage that occurred in certain areas of the south last summer. I'm not quite a flag-waving conspiracy theorist...lol; However, these "out of nowhere events" have to have some kind of explanation.]

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