Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elsie Law's Daily Dose Of The Law

According to The Gothamist, a group of NYC public housing tenants are reportedly filing a federal class-action lawsuit against the city for failing to properly maintain project elevators.

The condition of New York City's housing elevators are notorious. People have died due to the faulty elevators. Tenants are also often subjected to out of order elevators. This is an obvious danger- especially in buildings that are so tall.

The Gothamist states that the tenants aren't suing for monetary damages. The Plaintiffs simply want The New York City Housing Authority to agree to repair the elevators within a reasonable time period, and provide help for disabled residents when the elevators are not in service.

[SIDEBAR: I give my admiration and respect to the tenants who filed this suit. This is a great example of organizing. Too bad NYCHA has to be forced to do their job and provide their residents with basic needs. It's despicable that people have lost their lives to elevator failure.]

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