Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Duck Down...Maybe She Had To Tie Her Shoe?!

Hillary Clinton is coming under fire...but not in the way that she previously claimed she had.

Footage of Clinton arriving in Bosnia during her tenure as first lady, shows a pleasant and peaceful welcoming. However, Clinton's recollection of that event initially bordered on a tale woven with wartime heroics, where she had to duck and dodge bullets.

According to the BBC website, Senator Clinton first spoke of said arrival at an airport in Bosnia by saying: "I remember landing under sniper fire...But it was a moment of great pride for me." Hillary Clinton recently made these false statements in an attempt to bolster her image as a future commander-in-chief who has first-hand knowledge of the perils of war. However, her posturing has backfired (no pun intended).

Mrs. Clinton's statements about her "courageous" 1996 trip to Bosnia, has since been dispelled. The dichotomy of her statements and what actually happened has been exposed courtesy of video footage taken during the then first lady's travels.

When confronted with the inaccuracies of her Bosnian recollections, Clinton responded by saying: "I did mis-speak the other day. You know this has been a very long campaign, so occasionally I am a human being like everybody else."

[SIDEBAR: Note To All Future Political Candidates: Campaigning can cause memory lapses and delirium which can cause you to confuse red carpet treatment, hugs from children, well-wishes, and hospitality with rapid automatic gunfire.]

[SIDEBAR: THE SEQUEL: Now you can officially stop strictly blaming "gangster rappers" for imaginary, scripted tall tales of gunplay...Congress, shady politicians, and the 9/11 Commission stand up!]

[SIDEBAR: THE FINALE: No word on how the Bosnians feel about being lied on like this...SMH.]

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