Monday, March 10, 2008

I Thought Water Was Supposed To Be Synonymous With Purity

CNN's website is reporting that U.S. drinking water contains some surprising elements. Water sources in many major U.S. cities is made up of more than just your average H2O.

An associated press study found a diverse group of pharmaceuticals in the American water system. Drugs and medicines including: antibiotics, mood stabilizers, codeine, and caffeine were found. Also, various types of hormones were proven to be present.

In Philadelphia, 56 different types of drugs and pharmaceuticals were discovered in the city's drinking water.

Scientists claim that the traces of the cocktails of drugs that are being found in the American water supply are small. However, the long term effects of drinking, and being exposed, to such contamination has yet to be reported.

According to, "The federal government doesn't require testing, and hasn't set safety limits for drugs in water." Just a thought, maybe the government should take a small fraction of their war budget to ensure that our "8 glasses a day" isn't killing us softly.

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