Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anecdote Of The Week: Do You Know When To Use Force, and When To Use Intellect- Or A Combination Thereof?

"A crow, who was almost dying of thirst, came upon a pitcher which had once been filled with water. But to his dismay, the crow found that the water was so low he could not reach it. He tried with all his might to knock the pitcher over, but it was too heavy.

Then he saw a pile of pebbles nearby. He took one pebble in his beak and dropped it into the pitcher. The water rose a tiny bit. Then he took another pebble and dropped that in. The water rose a tiny bit more. One by one he dropped in a hundred pebbles, the water at last rose to the top.

As the crow drank deeply of the cool water, he said to himself, 'Where force fails, patience will often succeed.'" -From, Aesop's Fables

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