Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black People Investing In The Black Community: Part 1

"Malcolm X's, Marcus Garvey's, and Martin Delany's position was that Blacks must financially and economically invest and work for themselves.

The results would be profoundly, profoundly, profoundly different. Just today, instead of abandoning Blacks, African Americans are fully capable of investing one billion dollars a week into themselves. That's 52 BILLION dollars a year. Without asking for any new laws. Any White support. Any politics. With this funding and commitment, the many diseases infecting the Black communities would mostly vanish.

Blacks would take a seat in the world of productivity. There would be too much work to do for murder and social drop out. Every Black talent, skill and positive efforts would find an outlet, and would be rewarded." -From, "The True Meaning Of Malcolm X" By: Don Steele

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