Monday, October 20, 2008

The Attempted Assassination Of Marcus Garvey

Approximately 89 years ago, on October 14, 1919, Marcus Garvey was the target of an assassination attempt. Garvey was grazed by his assailant's bullets. However, he survived the attack. The fact that Marcus Garvey's life was spared in this incident is attributed to the fact that Garvey's wife at the time, Amy Ashwood, knocked the shooter to the floor and incapacitated him.

The shooter was identified as George Taylor, a Southern Black man. Mr. Taylor was apprehended and arrested after the assassination attempt. However, before he could publicly confess to who hired him to kill Mr. Garvey, he was reportedly found dead hanging in his jail cell. George Taylor was found dead the day after he grazed Mr. Garvey with his bullets.

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