Monday, October 20, 2008

I Would Like To Commend The MTA...

After several inter-borough errand runs turned into what felt like out-of-state trips due to a ridiculous amount of bus-wait time, I did some research concerning who to contact at the MTA to complain about certain buses running grossly off-schedule.

To the credit of the workers at the MTA bus complaint line (especially one lady in particular), I am pleased to report that the MTA Bus Complaint Representatives have verbally responded to my complaints several times.

They have assured me that they are diligently working on my issue of the timeliness of the bus service (especially as it relates to the B48 line). I look forward to seeing continued results.


If you are a NYC MTA bus rider you can program the following numbers into your cellphone, so you are always prepared to let the MTA know that you are waiting an inordinate amount of time for the arrival of a bus. [SIDEBAR: If you aren't tapped into the cellphone matrix, please keep these numbers stored in a convenient location]:

(718) 927-7499 (The MTA Bus Investigation Line)
(718) 330-1234 (The MTA Directions Line. PLEASE NOTE: Although this number is for rendering directions, If you press "0" and wait to speak to a customer service operator, they have the responsibility to take your complaint and forward it to the proper supervisors).

Call the aforementioned numbers if your bus is unreasonably off schedule. You don't have to give your personal information to the MTA operator if they request it. You can make an anonymous complaint if that is your preference.

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