Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Is Why I Now Refuse To Invest More Than $30, $25, $20...And Counting In A Louis Vuitton Or Gucci Bag...

The top rated music artist in the country right now, according to record sales, has been snubbed by two luxury brands that one of his most played songs bolsters. Rapper T.I.'s song, "Swing Ya Rag," basically provides the luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Gucci with a commercial several minutes in length. Despite all of the, most likely free publicity, the brands aren't happy with the association.

The companies reportedly stopped the video clip that was supposed to accompany the song, from airing on music video networks. LV and Gucci were allegedly peeved at having their logos prominently displayed in the young, African-American rapper's music video clip.

This is not the first time, and probably not the last time, that "name-brand" companies have feigned association with "urban" musical artists. This is done despite these very same musical artists not only spending small fortunes on these brands, but also encouraging their fanbase to do the same.

Hopefully, this time around, the hip-hop generation has heard these corporations loud and clear. I know I have! (And this is coming from a person who is a life-long clothes horse). Although I am a die hard gear head (<-Remember that term...LOL); I'm a practical one, with a strong interest in the survival of my community- economic and otherwise.

This lack of respect for the Black dollar, is the main reason why I became an avid thrift store shopper a while ago; and I'm still fly...If not flyer than ever...LOL.

True Story: The Salvation Army > The 5th Avenue Stroll.

No Respect = No Dollars.
No Investment In The Community That Supports You = No Dollars.

[SIDEBAR: Buy Black Fridays is becoming more necessary than ever! In fact, it needs to spread to other days of the week as well! Let's take this snub as an opportunity to grow and become more focused.]

[THE LAST STAND SIDEBAR: Accept no apologies or excuses. They'll only be insincere ones. Let's learn to be smart with our money instead of giving it to businesses who's owners' families are set for generations, and get sick to their stomach when they see someone "urban" wearing their brands.]


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