Monday, July 6, 2009

Elsie Law's Daily Dose Of The Law

A recent audit of Brooklyn's Surrogate Court revealed such gross wrongdoings that Bill Thompson, the city's Comptroller and current mayoral candidate, has urged all Brooklyn residents to "make out a will as soon as possible;" so as to avoid having to deal with the corrupt system.

According to The New York Daily News, The Brooklyn Surrogate Court's recordkeeping was so mismanaged it was impossible for auditors to get basic information about the court's transactions. The news source states that: "The city's comptroller's office uncovered shoddy recordkeeping, suspicious real estate deals and auctions run by a shadowy company that vanished when auditors started asking questions." My question is: How could this go on so long?! I'm waiting to hear about the mass firings that SHOULD result from this!

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