Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cointelpro Tactics: Part 10- Assassinations

"The Bureau has been implicated as cooperating in the outright physical elimination- assassination- of selected political leaders, either for 'exemplary' reasons or after other attempts at destroying their effectiveness had failed. The Bureau almost always used surrogates to perform such functions, but can repeatedly be demonstrated as having provided the basic intelligence, logistics or other ingredients requisite to 'successful' operations in this regard.

Understandably, this is the murkiest of all COINTELPRO areas, and the one from which congressional investigators have shied most consistently and sharply. However, certain COINTELPRO techniques already discussed- and acknowledged ny Congress_ had the effect of generating de facto Bureau-fostered assassinations. Others such as the Hampton-Clark murders...are even clearer." -From, "Agents Of Repression" By: Churchill and Wall

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