Sunday, August 9, 2009

Was This Supposed To Be The Real Rainbow Coalition?...

Jesse Jackson founded a civil rights organization called "The Rainbow Coalition." However, I came across the following excerpt in a book which made me question was there another "Rainbow Coalition" that was in the works:

"With the Panthers effectively isolated from their preferred powerbase in the ghetto, the Bureau [i.e. The FBI] went to work undermining the BPP's [The Black Panther Party] ties to other radical organizations in the city. In late March 1969, Johnson, Piper and Mitchell explicitly instructed O'Neal to 'create a rift' between the Party and SDS [Students for a Democratic Society], whose national office was located at 1608 West Madison, just down the street from BPP's Chicago headquarters. They followed up by releasing a batch of racist cartoons in the Panthers' name intended to alienate White activists and, in mid-April, launched yet another disinformational COINTELPRO in an attempt to forestall the actualization of a 'Rainbow Coalition' in the city composed of the BPP, SDS, the Young Lords (a Puerto Rican organization) and the Young Patriots (a White group)." -From, "Agents Of Repression" By: Churchill & Wall

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