Monday, October 6, 2008

The Self-Serving Crusade Of Our Billionaire Mayor

After repeatedly denying that he would seek an unorthodox third-term as mayor, Michael Bloomberg has changed his tune.

The Billionaire New York Mayor is now aggressively on a crusade to secure four more years in office. To do this, the long-standing law of allowing a mayor only two-terms at the helm, will have to be amended.

When Bloomberg was first elected Mayor of New York, I hopefully predicted that he would be of great service to the city. After reading his rags-to-riches autobiography, I thought that the current mayor would be able to relate to the average New Yorker, and their aspirations. [SIDEBAR: This was before I was wise about the ways of the world, and the smoke & mirrors/puppet show that is politics.] However, in my opinion, his mayoralty has been weak, and detrimental to the working-class New Yorker.

I have more than a sneaky suspicion that Bloomberg, and his flushed with cash friends, have swooped down on the New York real estate market (among other New York markets) in stealth; making the city close to unlivable for average-waged workers.

Also, the mayor has been virtually mute on important going-ons in the city. He has rarely given more than evasive comments, if that, when various crises have occurred.

Currently, there seems to be a debate going on over whether or not New York City Council members, or New Yorkers (in a special spring-time vote) will decide whether or not the current mayor will have the privilege of having a third term. I feel like this type of decision should be in the hands of people, if it is to be entertained at all. However, a lot of indicators are pointing to the city's council members having the final say. Therefore, it is imperative that you voice your opinion concerning this matter with your council person, ASAP!

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