Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some Words Of Wisdom From One Of The Most Renowned Attorneys Of Our Time...

-"Silence doesn't frighten me. A believer knows that silence is not an absence, but a presence- a cloud out of which, since time immemorial, God has spoken to those who will listen." -Johnnie Cochran

-"I remember [my father] telling my sisters and me that 'good and evil can never, ever live peacefully together.' The apparent success of evil depends on the refusal of the forces of good to engage in battle to overcome evil with good." -Johnnie Cochran

-"In one of its most inspiring moral injunctions the Talmud tells us, 'If you save one life, it is as if you had saved the entire world.' The wisdom of that saying is, of course, its recognition of the generative potential inherent in each man and woman. When you save a single life, you protect for all humanity all that person will accomplish and all that his or her children may do for the world ahead. Conversely, when you snuff out a life, you also deny all humanity, for all time, all the good and constructive things that he- and all his descendants- might have accomplished." -Johnnie Cochran

The above quotes are from Johnnie Cochran's book, "Journey To Justice"

Today would have been Johnnie Cochran's 71st birthday.

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