Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Many Of These Have You Seen In Your Neighborhood?...

The above pictured highly invasive, police surveillance camera has become a staple on New York City streets.

The cameras have a price tag of $20,000 a-piece, and have reportedly been funded via federal grants (aka taxpayers' money).

The eyes of the wireless video cameras are contained in two globes. According to research conducted by The Associated Press, the cameras can "swivel round 360 degrees, look beneath themselves and zoom-in so well that they can read a cigarette pack from as far as 1,000 feet away." They are affixed on poles, and are placed approximately 30 feet from the ground. This strategic placement gives them a view into standard height tenement buildings.

The high tech surveillance devices that populate numerous city blocks in NYC's boroughs, also allegedly constantly emit microwave radiation. [<-SIDEBAR STATING THE OBVIOUS: That can't be safe.]

I'm more than curious to hear an "official" word on the purpose of these cameras. I would also like to know the health dangers associated with living so close to them.

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