Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is This Good Sense Or Paranoia?

Psychiatrists have pegged a new type of psychosis that is linked to the prevalence of high-tech surveillance in our modern day society. The psychosis, which has been branded "Truman Show Delusion," is identified as a paranoia that a person experiences when they believe that they are being watched by cameras, or that their personal life is being intruded upon by high-tech monitoring devices.

Many can see how it would be difficult to determine where the lines are drawn when it comes to the diagnosis of Truman Show Delusion. Delusions fail to be based on reality. However, this psychosis is based on actual facts. People are constantly being filmed by surveillance cameras. The presence of high-tech surveillance devices are at an all time high.

Therefore, I must ask: Is this "delusion" really a "delusion" at all? Is this "delusion" the trait of a psychotic, or is it just a person with good sense who is astute about what is going on in our post 9-11/Patriot Act-Enacted world?

I wonder if the people who decided to implement all of this extreme-level of "security" surveillance, considered that extreme acts often provoke extreme responses from people who might not have the self-control not to be swept up in all of the insanity.

[SIDEBAR: How many people saw Blockbuster Will's (aka Will Smith) movie, "Enemy of The State?"]

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