Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Excerpt Of The Week: Part 2- "Warrior Song" By: Djehuti Wa Kamau

"From what we're doing with our bodies we go to what we're putting into them, the voluminous drug intake by our people, supplied by European pushers. We can trace the parts just about all the 'classic' drugs have played in the slave trade, cocaine, heroin, opium, etc., but our focus will remain on the two that in most eyes have and continues to have the most detrimental effects upon us: alcohol and tobacco (with or without additives). Undoubtedly, the mass production of these high-toxins needed the blood-blistered hands of the Afrikan to keep the slave cogs turning, the picking and cutting of cane and leaves from can't see to can't see. That scenario hasn't changed, as we still take to the fields for slave-like 'wages' or outright slavery on the very same plantation.

What the big corporations want most at this time though is for us to be mass consumers- mind slaves. The center of attention is the Black buyer, so every turn leads to a corridor of consumption- nothing new, but the dollars and stakes are higher and the fight is on to procure what's left in already nearly-empty pockets. Mass consumption is the result of mass media." -From, "Warrior Song" By: Djehuti Wa Kamau

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