Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cops Gone Wild Part 32: The Beat A Person For No Reason Edition

Surveillance video captured a New Jersey police officer beating a man who was standing outside of a restaurant.

The inexplicable, brutal beating appears to have occurred for no good reason. According to CNN, the victim has stated that "he had exchanged no words with the officer before [the officer] pounced on him. CNN also states that the victim's attorney has revealed that: "After the incident, police locked [the victim] in a holding cell and did not provide treatment for his injuries."

The Passaic police department has reportedly filed three charges against the victim: Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and wandering for the purpose of obtaining controlled dangerous substances. [SIDEBAR: "Wandering for the purpose of obtaining controlled dangerous substances." What kind of charge is that???]

The recipient of the brutal act of police terrorism says that he was simply going on a walk around his neighborhood. He now reportedly has extensive bruising on his body, and a torn cornea as a result of his pummeling.

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