Monday, June 1, 2009

The Future Of MetroCards

According to news reports, New York City's transit system is looking to implement a new commuter payment system that will make the current MetroCard obsolete. The former head of the MTA (who's tenure with the MTA recently ended), is quoted as saying that the new E-ZPass-like system could be in effect as early as 2011. It would consist of using a "contactless device" instead of a MetroCard. [SIDEBAR: Does a "contactless device" = A big brother like chip?]

The announcement that the MTA will likely be installing a whole new payment system that will require the replacement of the currently used turnstyles and Metrocard machines, comes in the wake of the MTA crying broke and requesting that the government provide them with taxpayer-funded bailout money. The MTA will also be increasing their fares soon.

I'll dare to ask the obvious question: How can the MTA afford an expensive overhaul of their payment system? [STATING THE OBVIOUS SIDEBAR: Something's not right.]

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