Friday, September 12, 2008

Book Excerpt Of The Week: Part 2, "Soul Stories" By: Gary Zukav

"Until you have the courage to enter into relationships of substance and depth, you can't develop spiritually. It doesn't matter how long you meditate, or how many intentions you set. Sooner or later you have to apply what you meditated, prayed and intended. That requires other people. When other people are committed to growing spiritually, too, then you are in a spiritual partnership.

We are all beginning to want spiritual partners, and to create spiritual partnerships. Shallow talk isn't enough anymore. Making money, raising children, and buying houses aren't enough. Only spiritual growth satisfies. That is because we are all becoming new females and new males.

Every spiritual partnership is different. Some look like marriages. Others look like businesses. Others look like baseball teams. Spiritual partners decide what their partnerships look like. They also decide what roles they play in them. Each spiritual partner sees himself as a soul first, and a personality second. Each is committed to growing spiritually. Each knows that the purpose of spiritual partnership is spiritual growth.

When a marriage, a business, or a baseball team becomes a spiritual partnership, there is no limit to the creativity, love, and spiritual growth that it can produce. Its future is limited only by the choices that the partners make. Marriages, businesses, and baseball teams that don't become spiritual partnerships, don't have a future." -From, "Soul Stories" By: Gary Zukav

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