Monday, September 22, 2008

Cops Gone Wild Part 17: The Break A Teenage Girl's Jaw In Two Places and Leave Her Handcuffed To A Hospital Bed For Over A Week Edition

A 17 year-old girl, who is a resident of a Bedford Stuyvesant housing project, was stopped by police officers for the minor offense of riding her bicycle on the sidewalk. The teenager was near her place of residence when she was stopped. The situation quickly escalated when one of the officers were allegedly offended by something the young girl called him. The "offensive" moniker that the teenager uttered, which witnesses attest provoked the officer to unjustifiable violence, was: "Rookie."

The teenager called the officer a "rookie," after he badgered her to get her to reveal her address. As soon as the term left her lips, NYPD Housing Officer Desmond Nichols allegedly punched the young girl in her jaw- breaking it in two places.

The teenage Brooklynite was then handcuffed and arrested. She was charged with riding her bicycle on the sidewalk and marijuana possession. According to the NY Daily News, Officer Nichols also "tried to cite her for resisting arrest, but the prosecutor did not file that charge."

After being arrested and charged with the above states infractions, the teenage girl was handcuffed to a hospital bed for more than a week as she tried to recuperate from her injuries. The NYPD and Brooklyn District Attorney are reportedly investigating this situation.

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