Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Community Council Meetings

NYC police precinct's community council meetings are held monthly (with the exception of July and August).

At these meetings, members of the community gather and have the ear of the the precinct's Inspector, and the Community Council's Executive Board. Minutes are taken by the Board's Secretary, and community concerns are addressed. Other community representatives such as: Councilmen and Councilwomen, Assembly Persons, Senators, and other elected officials are also always in attendance. Therefore, if you would like to speak to your local or state representative, this is the place to be.

You should contact your local precinct for the time, place, and date of their community council meeting.

According to the bylaws of the community council, attending at least 3 community council meetings in a year for a particular precinct, will give you voting rights to vote for who sits on that precinct council's executive board. This voting privilege gives the community power to choose who their community/police liaisons will be.

[SIDEBAR: Community Council Meetings should not be confused with Community Board Meetings. I will be addressing Community Board meetings in an upcoming blog post.]

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