Friday, September 5, 2008

Haiti Hit With A Series Of Severe Hurricanes

According to the BBC, Haiti has been hit with 3 severe storms in the last 3 weeks. With another hurricane predicted to hit the island within a few days, the people of Haiti are bracing themselves for more tragedy.

Reportedly, more than 200 people have already been killed by the catastrophic storms. Portions of the island, specifically the city of Gonaives, is flooded out. The BBC states that approximately 200,000 residents of Gonaives haven't had access to any food in the past 3 days. The excessive flooding has ruined the rice crops, and putrefied the drinking water.

An unprecedented amount of natural disasters has been plaguing the globe lately. However a lot of people (with mostly no thanks to the government), have been coalescing to help their fellow citizens in need. Please keep all of the effected people in your prayers, and continue to help in any way that you can.

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