Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here's Something The Cigarette Companies Neglected To Tell You...

Polonium, a radioactive carcinogenic, is one of the ingredients that is found in cigarettes. Reportedly, for decades, some of the most profitable tobacco corporations on the globe have been researching the lethal effects that polonium can have on people who ingest it. However, they failed to release the full scope of their findings; leaving customers in the dark about the death that the the radioactive substance could provoke.

According to The Independent, after "experts have examined more than 1,500 internal documents from tobacco companies," the cat is out of the bag regarding the damage that the chemical can do.

Experts state that, "Polonium 210 is known to cause lung cancers in animals and studies suggest it is responsible for 1 per cent of all lung cancers- equivalent to 11,700 deaths globally- each year in the US." [Quoted From, "The Independent"]

Despite having knowledge of the deadly nature of polonium, tobacco companies have not eliminated the chemical from their products. While the presence of polonium is said to naturally occur in tobacco leaves, tobacco companies aware of its deadly side effects hired scientists to attempt to remove the substance or nullify its effects. However, they were unsuccessful.

After their failure, the profit-rich companies neglected to inform the public of their findings and lack of success. After all, they didn't want to scare off customers, and cause their riches to dwindle.

For all the smokers out there: Is the knowledge that you are puffing on a radioactive substance enough to make you quit?

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