Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Number Of NYC Chain Stores Is Off The Charts

It's obviously obvious that NYC is saturated with chain stores. New chain store franchises are constantly popping up. You can hardly walk a couple of blocks in the city, without bumping into a name-brand chain store.

If you are from New York, you can almost literally patronize a different Dunkin Donuts every day for a year. According to The New York Daily News, a survey conducted by a New York based think tank (The Center For An Urban Future), has counted 341 Dunkin Donuts within the city.

While Dunkin Donuts leads the pack for having the highest number of retailers in NYC, there are other retailers whose presence numbers into the hundreds. The Center For An Urban Future, came up with the following tally:
-335 Subway Sandwich Shops
-248 McDonald's
-235 Starbucks
-216 Duane Reade
-215 Baskin Robbins

The multitudes of national chains is said to be the reason that mom and pop shops are going by the wayside. The gradual elimination of local mom and pop shops is killing small businesses that were once the pride and the flavor of many neighborhoods.

The endangered species status of mom and pop shops is changing the way that economics is generated and circulated throughout the community. Support your local mom and pop shops. They deserve a chance to compete in the market too.

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