Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricanes Continue To Hit The Caribbean

This year's hurricane season has been no joke. The Caribbean has been especially hard hit. According to the BBC, Hurricane Ike, the most recent hurricane to hit the Caribbean Islands, has "killed 61 people in Haiti and reportedly damaged 80% of the homes on the main Turks and Caicos islands."

Cuba has also been hit with unprecedented storms. The BBC reports that Jose Rubiera, the head of Cuba's meteorological service, told state TV that, "In all of Cuba's history, we have never had two hurricanes this close together."

After being hit by Hurricane Gustav, Ike hit Cuba with 100 mile winds which created 50 foot waves (SEE picture above), and reportedly lead to the evacuation of approximately 1 million Cubans from their homes.

Please continue to help those in need anyway that you can.

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