Friday, September 26, 2008

Book Excerpt Of The Week: Part 2, "The Spirituality of Success" By: Vincent Roazzi

"Personal energy limitations or personal energy use not only refers to our physical energy, but also applies to our mental and spiritual energy.

Thomas Edison was once ridiculed for not being able to remember his own phone number. His reply was why should he clutter his mind with facts that could be easily accessed in a book. For our purpose, I would like o expand that answer to why should a person use his mental energy to remember an unimportant fact when he can use that mental energy to think.

We can chose to use our mind as a storehouse of knowledge, or we can use it to think. Napoleon Hill wrote the first major breakthrough to success in a book entitled, 'Think and Grow Rich.' He didn't say, 'work hard and grow rich' or 'do and grow rich.' He specifically chose the word 'think' because it's what most people didn't do. They spend their mental energy engaging in activities that don't help to bring them closer to their dreams. Worry, fear, other people's opinions, and a host of other mind drains rob them of success; rob them of creative energy their mind can use to ensure success.

What are the drains on your mental energy? How do you rationalize not being focused on your dream? How do you, or the people around you, undermine your attempts at becoming successful- whether purposely or unconsciously? When will you be ready to commit all of your energy to your dream? These are the questions that result in success." -From, "The Spirituality of Success" By: Vincent Roazzi

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