Monday, December 22, 2008

Book Review Of The Month: “Prince of Darkness” By: Alan Weisman

Richard Perle has been called the “architect” of the current trillion dollar war that we are now engaged in. He has also bore the moniker, the “Prince of Darkness.” The biographical tome, entitled with his nickname is more than just a biography. It is a book that depicts the inner workings of the United States’ government, especially as it relates to foreign policy. Perle, a man who has had a strong hand in international policies for several administrations, is just a conduit for the author to reveal how warmongering and foreign policy is really implemented.

In “Prince of Darkness,” Alan Weisman describes a world where “public officials” manipulate their positions of power to rake in public dollars, and boost their global influence. This is also a book that explains plots and counterplots, such as how Saddam Hussein’s alliance with America turned into a rivalry, and how negotiations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union unfolded during the Reagan administration. Most importantly, this book leaves readers with the message of the smoke and mirrors that are used to inform the public of how the nation is being run.

The importance of the President’s advisers is highlighted in this book. While the Commander-in-Chief is seen as a powerful decision maker by some, “Prince of Darkness” creates the impression that it is easy for a President to be misinformed and manipulated by his cabinet and other advisers who have his ear. This book emphasizes the notion that the choice of the President’s advisers is extremely important to the efficient and proper running of this country. Anyone who is interested in politics, and the future conditions of this country, should peruse this book.

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