Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shouldn't Somebody Be Getting Indicted For This?

According to a revealing New York Daily News article, there is proof- via e-mails, that Mayor Bloomberg's aides covertly "pressured city tax assessors to inflate [the] value" of land under which the new Yankee Stadium sits.

The mayor's aides allegedly did this so that the New York Yankee's team owners could qualify for nearly $1 billion in tax-free bonds. The Daily News states: "In March 2006, the city's chief tax assessor put the market value for the stadium site at $27 million, far lower than the Yankees wanted. A Finance Department official ordered him to redo the report. Within hours he jacked it up to $204 million."

Despite the incriminating evidence, Bloomberg's aides are adamant that they did nothing wrong. What do you say? I say, "Shouldn't Somebody Be Getting Indicted For This?" (Or, at the bottom-of-the-barrel least, investigated?)


[SIDEBAR: See what I mean about this fake "recession." How could the city not be financially sinking with unethical (and, probably criminal) maneuvers like this from "City Officials"?...All of this from the administration of a mayor who wants a third term?!]

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