Monday, December 15, 2008

Why Does This Reek Of Extortion?

Since this phony, forced "recession" hit, it seems like those least in need have gotten their cups out and are waiting for the free coins to drop. Bailouts for corporations and municipal entities seem to be all the rage amongst the white collar schemers. While the average working person continues to get bilked, this country's corporate interests are slickly filling their coffers. Guess who's next to stand in the bailout line hoping for a handout? The MTA.

The MTA has stated that if New York City doesn't provide them with a bailout soon, fares will be raised and service will be deeply cut.

This is coming from the same MTA that:
1) Had a billion dollar surplus just a year ago,
2) Makes beaucoup bucks from corporate advertisers, and
3) Has a very high ridership- which translates into more dollars.

This recession/bailout farce is slicker than corporate welfare in the 80s & 90s.

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