Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cops Gone Wild Part 23: The How Did A Man With Outstanding Traffic Warrants End Up With Blunt Head Trauma Edition

The father of the Green Bay Packers wide receiver was allegedly beaten by 3 Houston police officers. Marvin Driver sustained blunt-force trauma in an incident in which police officers arrived at Mr. Driver's mother's home to arrest him for outstanding traffic warrants.

Thankfully, Marvin Driver is physically better after being subjected to the brutal beating. He is no longer attached to the machines, as shown in the above picture. He is now vaguely speaking out about the incident. He has chosen to remain mum on the details of the brutality he suffered. Marvin Driver told Milwaukee News (TMJ), that he has made his statement to the police department's internal affairs division, and he has faith in the system.

[SIDEBAR: I question whether this is "faith" or "fear."]

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