Monday, February 23, 2009

The Children Of Hurricane Katrina Are The Sickest In The Nation

Although Hurricane Katrina touched down approximately 3 and-a-half years ago, the after effects are still being strongly felt.

According to a study done by Columbia University, the children who survived the storm are the sickest in the nation. Although the media's attention and focus on this event rapidly waned after it occurred, it is clear that the story is not over. A lot of the citizens who were geographically displaced after the tragedy, were moved into formaldehyde ridden FEMA trailers. Some people are saying that the handling of the aftermath of the storm is being fumbled worse than the handling of the storm itself. That's saying a lot!

The New York Daily news sited statistics from the study involving the children who survived Hurricane Katrina, as follows:

41% of those under 4 had iron deficiency anemia, which is double the rate for homeless children in New York City shelters.

55% of those 6 and older had mental problems.

42% had a respiratory allergy or infection.

A third had impaired hearing or vision.

These are serious stats. I hope that attention can be brought to this situation, and these citizens can be provided with the assistance that they need and deserve.

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