Monday, February 9, 2009

Cops Gone Wild Part 29: The Kill A Person While Driving Drunk, Then Your Mother Pours Salt In The Wound Edition

This is one of those stories that you hear, and hope that the press got it wrong. However, I have a feeling that instead; this story may be a true, living nightmare.

A New Jersey police officer, mowed into two people while driving drunk this weekend. He killed one person. The woman who tragically died, was a twenty-something year old Chinese immigrant who had recently received her Law degree from New York University. The other person who was hit, and survived with injuries, was her boyfriend. The response of the mother of the police officer who was allegedly complicit in this murderous DUI, adds to the utter sadness of this situation.

The New York Daily News is reporting that the brazen mother of the allegedly drunk driving cop has responded to her son's deadly actions by blaming the victims; stating: "It was her fault [referring to the woman who was killed]...So my son went out and had a couple of drinks. He deserves to have a good time now and then."

It causes pangs of pain to know that there are such heartless people on the planet. I can only bow my head in prayer after hearing this mother's statement.

Condolences & love to the victims and their loved ones.

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