Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Police Officer Who Tasered Inman Morales Causing Him To Fall To His Death Gets A Promotion

Last fall, a police officer who responded to a call to help an unarmed mentally-disturbed man who had climbed onto a ledge; became a catalyst for that man's death, instead of fulfilling his supposed role of protector & servant. The officer tasered Inman Morales, who stood high above the concrete ground. As a result of the tasering, Mr. Morales plunged to his death.

The officer committed this act under the orders of his superior officer (who committed suicide days after this event). However, the tasering was illogical and defied departmental guidelines. The police department's guidelines, reportedly instructs officers not to taser anyone who could possibly fall from an elevated surface. Officer Marchesona did just that. The results were deadly and tragic.

Instead of being fired and reprimanded for his actions, the NYPD officer was instead promoted. According to The New York Daily News, Officer Nicholas Marchesona was upgraded to detective just 5 weeks after Mr. Morales' death.

Despite the medical examiner ruling Inman Morales' death a homicide, the Brooklyn district attorney has refused to file any charges against the individual who was a catalyst for his fatal fall. According to The Daily News: "A spokesman for the Brooklyn district attorney said the office accepted the NYPD's assessment that the incident was a tragic accident with no criminality." This statement begs the question of: What ever happened to division of powers? Isn't the D.A's office supposed to come up with an independent analysis? This family deserves some type of restitution at the very least. Also, how does someone who doesn't follow basic departmental guidelines get a promotion??? This isn't the M.O. at the local Burger King, so how can this be justifiable for a occupation that requires a person to carry a gun and make life-and-death decisions???

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