Monday, December 8, 2008

Cops Gone Wild Part 25: The Greek Edition

High school students, in the country of Greece, have been rioting for approximately 72 hours straight. The riots were sparked in response to a police officer killing a defenseless 15 year old.

The Wall Street Journal states that the events that instigated the killings are currently inconclusive. According to the news source, "The two policemen [allegedly responsible for the killing] claimed they had come under attack by a group of about 30 youths, and that three warning shots and a stun grenade were fired when they sought out the group a few minutes later. But witnesses have disputed the officers' accounts, telling Greek media that the police intended to shoot the youths."

Despite the fact that the catalyst for the tragic death has not been officially determined, Greek officials have arrested two police officers who are allegedly responsible for the slaying. One officer has been charged with murder, while the other has been charged as his accomplice.

Early reports on the riots, stated that the Greek youths coordinated their protests of the killing in different cities across the island via mobile phone text messages.

Greece hasn't seen such emotional and severe protests since 1985; when another death of a teenager at the hands of the police led to weeks of riots.

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