Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Is Oseola McCarty?

"Oseola McCarty, an aging washerwoman who had lived alone since 1967, felt at eighty-eight years of age that her life was nearing its completion. Since she had no living relatives, she decided to give $150,000- her entire life savings, putting away one dollar at a time- to the University of Southern Mississippi.

Oseola did this simply because it seemed the right thing to do. Her generosity touched so many people that she found herself flying across America, accepting humanitarian awards and meeting many famous people, including Whoopi Goldberg, who knelt at her feet; and Roberta Flack, who sang for her. Harvard University gave her an honorary degree; President Clinton asked to have his picture taken with her; she even carried the Olympic torch a little ways. Oseola McCarty's portrait now graces the wall in the administration building at the University of Southern Mississippi- the first portrait of a Black person to do so. She appeared on Good Morning America. Her story was on the front page of The New York Times. Barbara Walters named her one of the ten most interesting people of 1995. She was also featured in numerous magazines, such as Ebony, People, Guideposts, and Glamour. She even even appeared on British Television.

Other donors have followed Oseola's gift with more than $250,000 to her original endowment, all due to the generous heart of a hardworking woman who wanted to make a difference before going to the next world." -From, "Everyday Enlightenment" By: Dan Millman

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